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Supermarket Equipments

We stock entire range of Hyper market, Supermarket, Grocery, Convenient Store Shelving readily available Upton 600 Meter in various variant and sizes.

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Boutique System

We carry ready stock for boutique store, Discount stores, the range has large variant and could be enhanced the store Look as per seasons stock.

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For Mannequines Stock are available in Ball Head, sculpture head, Headless, Egg head. In white, black, Skin, Orange, Silver and Blue colours.

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Warehouse Storage

We cater to Light duty, medium duty , Heavy Duty, for storage in Supermarket, Hyper market, , groceries and boutique stores we do installation as well.

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Promotional Accessories

Sales Enhancers are available for all Concepts.

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Wooden hanger, Plastic hanger, Acrylic hanger, Metal Hanger all available ex-stock for daily use, as well as exclusive use.

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Product display for Garments, Heavy and Medium duty, in Chrome and SS finish, ex stock, for models please click on the category for your requirement.

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Cash Register, pricing machine, Labels, weighting Machine all branded with warranty cover are available over the counter, delivery and after sales service is carried out on selected items.

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